Decades of Expertise in Property Management.

With over 80 years of collective experience in hands-on property management, and a particularly strong history in healthcare acquisitions and operations, Vantage Point Capital’s (“VPC’s”) leadership team has an extensive knowledge of best operating practices and operational needs.

Our keen understanding of the day-to-day business and our strong relationships within the capital markets allows us to maintain the unique ability to


our operators in their successful maintenance and growth of operations.


As a result of the operating experience of the VPC leadership team, VPC has the ability to add value to each of our facilities by providing operating support to our tenants. Alongside our operators, we:

  • Emphasize clinical training to enhance outcomes
  • Ensure that all clinical programs are successfully meeting referral needs
  • Advise on capital improvements
  • Support aesthetic and technological upgrades to keep facilities up-to-date and appealing

Multi- Family.

With a commitment to providing safe, well-maintained and modernized housing, VPC seeks to create attractive living environments that are appealing to a quality tenant community.